Family Care

Everyone deserves health and happiness. When your nerves are able to communicate and connect your BRAIN to your BODY, 100% Life expression exists in you. There are millions of things happening each and every second in your body. Your brain not only is the command center to all these functions, it also allows the millions of things to happen in complete balance and harmony. Chiropractic care allows the nerves in your spine to communicate clearly. All of these millions of messages are being sent from your brain to your body. Think of it like a garden hose, when there is a kink in the hose, water only trickles out. When you UN-wind the kink, the water pressure is back to full force. When your nerve is free of pressure, your body is in full force! Everyone needs to have a clear communication line, static-free in their body. Here at Mountain Meadow Chiropractic, we recommend the whole family gets checked for misalignments.

Pregnancy and Infant Care

We realize that the first misalignment occurs during the birthing process, whether C-section or natural birth. Dr. Erin checks and adjusts mommy’s throughout their pregnancy. Chiropractic care allows a smoother, more relaxed and healthier environment for the mom and baby during the nine months, and aids in an easier laboring process. Dr. Erin uses a specific technique called the Webster Method to aid in the proper alignment of babies that are in the BREECH position. Once the baby is born, Dr. Erin uses a gentle, safe technique to check your baby’s spine for trauma endured during labor. (There is a lot of force to newborns heads and necks during labor) When misalignments and disconnection in the nervous system exists in a developing body issues will arise; Colic, asthma, ear infections, ADD/ADHD and Bed Wetting, to name a few. We want your baby to have 100% LIFE expression from day one!


From balance, agility, speed, focus, and energy; chiropractic will keep you ahead of the game. Everything you do, whether on the mountain skiing, hiking the peaks, or riding your bike your body will function at it’s optimal level when in proper alignment. Not only will chiropractic care keep you playing your best, it will also speed up recovery time from injuries. At Mountain Meadow Chiropractic we want you to play hard your whole life and being active throughout retirement. Proper alignment and function will get your there!

Chiropractic is for Everyone!

Dr. Erin has seen life changing results in patients with autism, seizure disorders, TMJ issues, Bells Palsy, fertility issues, heart conditions, and depression disorders. It doesn’t matter what you’re experiencing, your body will function better with a clear nervous system. We don’t treat the disease or diagnosis here. WE allow clear communication between your brain and body which allows your body to heal itself. You are the next chiropractic miracle and we know that we can help you here at Mountain Meadow Chiropractic.



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